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About The Pet Valet

A complete, personalised pet care service for people who love their pets. Delivered by people who love pets – Tailored. Attentive. Meticulous.

A full service – Any Pet. Anytime. Any Situation.

 Care for all cats – be they adventurous or docile
 All your dog’s needs – feeding, individual walks and playing
 Specialist care for pets that are caged, tanked or penned
 Organised group dog walks
 Emergency call-outs and vet visits
 Full-time, overnight and late night care for any pet
 All care is in the comfort and security of the pet’s home

Harry Fielder

Harry Fielder

Founder and Carer

I founded The Pet Valet Company because I love animals. Give me an enthusiastic dog, a temperamental cat or a quizzical rabbit over my previous life battling the idiosyncrasies of ‘The City’. A childhood surrounded by dogs and cats, and being raised by a besotted dog-breeding mother, were ideal preparation for my business. Both have given me a deep understanding of that special mutual devotion, often different and always individual, between a pet and its owner. The Pet Valet Company was created to serve that relationship – to the individual benefit of both.

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Harry Fielder

Sam Adams


I've spent my life with animals. Owning cats with health concerns and a dog with social issues meant I needed to find a personalised solution – The Pet Valet Company was that saviour. That wasn’t the end of it. While I enjoyed the challenges of corporate life, I, like Harry, had a secret desire to follow a different passion. Knowing how I wanted my pets cared for, gave me huge confidence that I could do the same for other pet owners. So I joined The Pet Valet Company. Together, Harry and I run a business that uniquely offers the tailored service I was looking for.

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We put your pets first

Their happiness, their safety, and your peace of mind.

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Let us know how we can help. We’d be delighted to meet you and your pet, and learn how we can care for all your mutual needs.

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